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Menu for Sushi Alive


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any, Florida, USA


15451 N Dale Mabry Hwy

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Steamed Edamame

light sea salt

Egg Rolls, Home-style

sweet thai chili dipping sauce

Seafood Delight Egg Rolls

sesame ponzu dipping sauce

Spring Rolls

shrimp, pork, vietnamese herbs & peanut-hoisin dipping sauce

Gyoza Japanese Style

sesame ponzu dipping sauce

Grilled Satay

tangy lime peanut dipping sauce (choice of chicken or beef)

Braised Sirloin Negimaki

teriyaki glaze

Panko Crab Cakes

paprika aioli sauce

Crab & Mint Rangoon

thai chili dipping sauce

Sleeping Shrimp In A Blanket

sesame ponzu dipping sauce

Far East Chicken Wings

sweet n spicy, honey - chili wings w shiso - yogurt dipping sauce

Tempura Shrimp & Vegetable Appetizer

tempura sauce

T N T Mussels

wasabi, japanese mayonnaise & wasabi tobiko

Sesame -seared Tuna Tataki

sesame ponzu sauce

Alive Sampler

edamame, gyoza, egg-rolls, ika sansai & chef choice sushi


tofu & wakame

Saigon Won-ton

crispy fried red onions

Trippy Mushroom

chili sesame oil, shitake, enoki & button mushrooms

Spicy Seafood

chili sesame oil, mixed seafood & fresh spinach

Udon Tempura

shrimp & vegetable tempura

Japanese Ice Cream

red bean or green tea

Tempura Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream

Chilled Lychee Cocktail

Passion Berry Tart

Tempura Cheesecake

Passion Mango-cheesecake

House Salad

ginger dressing

Wakame & Mango Salad

bed of carrots, daikon

Ika Sansai Squid Salad

ginger-sesame marinade

Sunomono Salad

sliced cucumber, assorted seafood w/rice wine vinaigrette

Spicy Tuna & Avacado Salad

ginger dressing & atomic aioli

Neptune Crab & Lobster Salad

ginger dressing, spring mix, crab claw, & lobster

Tempura Soft Shell Crab Salad

ginger dressing, mixed greens & teriyaki drizzle

Panko Chicken Salad

mixed green, ginger dressing & tonkatzu dipping sauce

Seafood Tempura Dinner

shrimp & scallop

Scallop Flambe Japanese Steak House Style

lemon - butter sauce & paprika aioli

Seared Ahi Tuna Dinner

miso garlic drizzle

Budda Fish

sauteed flaky tilapia filet in white wine - butter reduction

Grilled Main Lobster Tail

marinated in sweet sake w/ dynamite butter sauce

Panko-chicken Dinner

tonkatsu drizzle

Karate Port Chops

mango salsa & hoisin reduction drizzle

Korean Beef Short Ribs

pickled kimchee

N.y. Strip

shitake teriyaki glaze

Emperor's Fillet

shitake teriyaki glaze

Alive Chirashi

chef's choice of fresh fish of the day served on sushi rice.

Alive Sushi And Tuna And Sashimi Centerpiece

tuna, fresh salmon, whitefish & crabstick sashimi combined with chef's choice nigiri sushi & a california roll

Alive Sashimi

tuna, yellowtail, fresh salmon, whitefish, octopus, steamed shrimp & crabstick

The Saint Stephen's Party Boat

an eclectic sushi cruise for four including rolls, hand rolls, nigiri sushi & sashimi.

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