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Menu for Benedict's Family Restaurant


Country & region

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA


2632 Bayshore Blvd

Postal Code


Hot Tea

Iced Coffee

Freshly Brewed Iced Tea

Soft Drinks

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Root Beer, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper.

Raspberry Iced Tea

Hot Chocolate


Rose Water Lemonade


White or chocolate.


Apple, orange, grapefruit, cranberry, tomato.




Traditional Reuben Sandwich

Extra lean, thinly sliced corned beef, Swiss cheese, 1000 Island dressing, and sauerkraut on grilled rye.

Traditional Burger

8 oz. fresh beef patty. Add cheese for an additional charge.

Benedict Burger

8 oz. fresh beef patty topped with bacon, egg, and American cheese.

Super Patty Melt Sandwich

8 oz. fresh beef patty, grilled onions, and Swiss cheese on rye.

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

Shaved Angus beef sauted together with onions, peppers, and mushrooms then finished with melted mozzarella cheese on a hoagie bun.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Our own homemade with lettuce and tomatoes served on your choice of bread.

Tuna Salad Sandwich

Our own homemade with lettuce and tomatoes served on your choice of bread.

Triple Decker Club Sandwich

Turkey, thick sliced bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes layered on 3 slices of toasted bread.

Super Stacked BLT Sandwich

A large portion of thick sliced bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

A large grilled, marinated chicken breast with Swiss cheese on a bun. Served with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles.

Tuna Melt Sandwich

Homemade on grilled rye and Swiss cheese.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Choice of American or Swiss. Add bacon or ham for an additional charge.


Choose beef and lamb or grilled chicken with onions, tomatoes, and lettuce on grilled Greek pita. Served with tzatziki sauce.

Chicken Wrap

Grilled or Fried, lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.

Veggie Burger

Three wholesome grains with roasted corn, black beans and roasted red peppers.

Greek Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, feta cheese, olives, and pepperoncini. Add gyro meat or chicken.

Grilled Chicken Salad

A large grilled, marinated chicken breast with mandarin oranges and strawberries over lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions

Chef's Salad

Turkey, ham, egg, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, Swiss, and cheddar cheese.

Power Salad

Spinach, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, cranberry, pecan, quinoa and egg.

Grilled Chicken Pecan Salad

Grilled, marinated chicken with pecans, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and cranberries.

Fresh Fruit Salad Plate

Fresh cut seasonal fruits served with non-fat yogurt and choice of freshly baked fruit bread.

Avocado Salad

Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, quinoa and avocado.

Cheese Omelet

Cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. Add bacon, ham or sausage in omelet.

Vegetarian Omelet

Tomatoes, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese.

Western Omelet

Traditional western made with ham, onions, green peppers, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese.

Greek Omelet

Tomatoes, onions, olives, gyro meat, and feta cheese.

Chicken Cordon Blue Omelet

Grilled chicken breast strips, ham, and Swiss cheese. Topped with our hollandaise sauce.

Mediterranean Omelet

Tomatoes, onions, spinach, olives, and feta cheese.

Hash and Swiss Omelet

Corned beef hash and Swiss cheese.

Meat Lovers Omelet

Smoked bacon, diced ham, sausage, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese.

Country Sausage Omelet

Sausage, green peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese topped with sausage gravy.

Fit Omelet

Egg whites, spinach, tomatoes, turkey and Swiss cheese.

Egg Sandwich

Egg and cheese. Add your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage.

Western Sandwich

Green peppers, onion, and ham.

Avocado Sandwich

Eggs, avocado, tomatoes, and Swiss cheese on a baguette.

Max's Sandwich

Bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.

Z Sandwich

Eggs, turkey, spinach, tomatoes, and cheddar.

Sunrise Wrap

Scramble eggs, choice of meat and cheddar cheese. Served with salsa.

Briskets Famous Chunky Deli

Fresh vegetables and chunks of smoked meat.



Corned Beef Hash

Breakfast Side

Breakfast Meat

English Muffin


Buttermilk Biscuit


Homemade Bread

Slice of French Toast

Country Skillet

Bacon, sausage, ham, onions, green peppers, and home fries topped with sausage gravy, 2 eggs, and melted cheese.

Chicken Skillet

Grilled chicken breast strips, mushrooms, and onions on a bed of home fries. Served with two eggs and topped with melted cheddar cheese.

Veggie Skillet

Spinach, red peppers, mushrooms, and onions on a bed of home fries. Served with two eggs and topped with melted cheddar cheese.

Greek Skillet

Gyro meat, spinach, homefries, tomatoes, onions, olives, two eggs and feta cheese.

Traditional Benedict

Served with Canadian bacon.

Florentine Benedict

Fresh cooked spinach and bacon.

Crab Cake Benedict

Corned Beef Hash Benedict

Smoked Salmon Benedict

Country Sausage Benedict

Sausage patty in a biscuit with hollandaise sauce.

Mediterranean Benedict

Spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese, and olives.

Avocado Benedict

Avocado, tomatoes on an English muffin with hollandaise sauce.

Eggs, Home Fries and Toast

Egg, Home Fries with Meat

Choice of bacon, sausage links, sausage patties, or ham and toast.

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

A large portion of corned beef hash and two eggs your way. Served with fresh fruit and toast.

Traditional Egg

2 eggs your way, choice of pancakes or French toast, and choice of meat.

Smoked Salmon and Eggs

Smoked salmon and 2 eggs your way. Served with tomatoes and toast.

Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits smothered in sausage gravy.

Country Fried Steak

Fried steak smothered in country gravy, 2 eggs, home fries, and toast.

Homemade Quiche

Served with fresh fruit and choice of homemade bread. Ham and 3 cheese, lorraine, mediterranean, farmers, spinach and articoke.

Belgian WAffle

Fruit Waffle

Served with whipped cream.

Caramel Pecan Waffle

Short Stack

4 pancakes.


3 pieces. Add chocolate chips, banana, or blueberries.

French Toast

Cinnamon Roll French Toast

Oatmeal and Fruit


Smoked salmon and cream cheese on a toasted bagel with tomatoes, onions, and capers.

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