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Menu for Ben Thanh Restaurant


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Pinellas Park, Florida, USA


4200 62nd Ave N

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29. Pho Xe Lua Xl Pho

Extra-large bowl combination beef. Slice rare beef, brisket, beef ball, tendon and tripe.

Pho Tu Chon

Build your owen bowl.

Pho Baby (no meat, no onion , no cilantro)

Pho Chay

Vegetarian pho.

Pho Ko Thit

No meat.

30. Pho Dac Biet

Special pho. Special combination beef. Slice rare beef, brisket, beef ball, tendon and tripe.

31. Pho Tai

Sliced rare beef.

32. Pho Nam

Sliced flank brisket.

33. Pho Bo Vien

Beef ball pho.

34. Pho Ga

Beef broth with chicken noodle soup.

35. Pho Hai San

Beef broth with seafood noodle soup.

1. Bo Bia

2 pieces. Chili vegetable rolls with Chinese sausage.

2. Bi Cuon

2 pieces. Shredded pork skin rolls.

3. Goi Cuon

2 pieces. Shrimp and pork fresh spring rolls.

4. Cha Gio

2 pieces. Vietnamese crispy eggrolls.

5. Cha Gio Tom Hoa Tien

5 pieces. Rocket shrimp crispy rolls.

6. Hoanh Thanh Cua Chient Krab Rangoon

6 pieces. Krab rangoon.

7. Banh Beo

Water fern cake

8. Banh Bot Loc

Vietnamese transparent shrimp dumpling.

9. Soup

50. Bun Thit Nuong

Served with char-grilled pork.

51. Bun Cha GIo

Served with crispy eggrolls.

52. Bun Bo Hoac Ga Xao

Served with wtir-fried beef or chicken with onion.

53. Bun Cha GIo Thit Nuong

Served with char-grilled pork and eggroll.

54. Bun Tom Hoac Tom Thit Nuong

Served with with shrimp or grilled pork and shrimp.

55. Bun Chao Tom

Served with char-grilled grounded shrimp patty.

56. BUn Nem Nuong

Served with char-grilled pork meatballs.

57. Bun Tom Boc Bo

Served with shrimp wrapped in lemongrass garlic marinated sliced beef.

58. Bun Bo La Lot

Served with char-grilled grounded beef wrapped in wild betel leaf.

59. Bun Tom Hoa TIen

Served with fired rocket shrimp crispy rolls.

60. Bun Dau Mam Tom

Served with fried tofu and fermented shrimp paste.

61. Bun Bo Hue

Spicy beef with lemongrass flavored vermicelli soup.

62. Bun Mang Vit

Duck and bamboo shoots vermicelli soup.

63. Bun Oc

Snail vermicelli soup.

Sam Bo Luong

Shaved ice with herbal dried fruits, beans, nuts in syrup.

Ch Khc bch

fruit jelly with fruit juce

73. Com Chien Thit

Heo, ho hoacga. Pork or beef or chicken fried rice.

74. Com Chien Tom Hoac Hai San

Shrimp or combination seafood fried rice.

75. Com Chien Thap Cam

Combination fried rice.

76. Com Chien Duong Chau

Yangzhou fried rice.

64. Com Thit Nuong Platter

Served with grilled pork.

65. Com Bi Cha Thit Nuong Trung Platter

Served with grilled pork, shredded pork skin, steamed egg patty with fried egg.

66. Com Suon Nuong Platter

Served with grilled pork, shredded pork skin, steamed egg patty with fried egg.

67. Com Bi Cha Suon Trung Platter

Served with grilled pork, shredded pork skin, steamed egg patty with fried egg.

70. Com Ga Hoac Bo Xao Ot Xanh Platter

68. Com Ga Hoac Bo Xao Platter

Xa ot hoac gmg. Served with chicken or beef stir-fried with lemongrass or ginger.

69. Com Ga Hoac Bo Xao Ca Ri Platter

Beef or chicken curry.

71. Com Ga Quay Platter

Served with cornish hen roasted.

72. Com Chim Cut Platter

Served with rotisserie quail.


Soda Chanh

lemonade soda.

Thai Tea

Tra Hot Tea

Nong hoac da.

Tra Tea Iced Tea

Nuoc da Me

Tamarind sweet and sour drink.

Da Chanh

Fresh lemonade.

Chanh Muoi

Salty lemonade.

Soda Xi Muoi

Salty plum soda.

Soda Chanh Muoi

Salty lemonade with soda.

Soda Sua Hot Ga

Egg condense milk with soda.

Cafe Den da Hoac Sua da

Vietnamese ice coffee with or without condense milk.

Nuoc Sam

Fresh herbal drink.

Nuoc Dua Tuoi

Fresh coconut drink.

Nc ma - Fresh sugar juicecane

10. Goi Oc Giac

Shredded cabbage with slice conch.

11. Goi Bo Tai Chanh Hoac Goi Ga

Sliced rare beef with lime juice or chicken salad.

12. Oc Giac Xao Bo Toi

Stir fried sliced conch with butter and garlic.

13. So Long Nuong Mo Hanh

Ark shell cockle grilled top with scallion oil.

14. Oc Giac Sot me

Stir fried conch slice with tamarind sauce.

15. Oc Len Xao Dua

Stir-fried wool snail with coconut cream.

16. Oc Huong Xao Bo Toi Hoac Sot me

Babylon snail stir-fried with tamarind sauce or with butter and garlic.

17. Ngheu Hap Thai

Steamed clams with lemongrass, lime leaf Thai style.

18. Ngheu Hap Xa

Clams steamed with lemongrass.

19. Hot Vit Lon Luoc Xao me

2 pieces. Balut eggs boil or stir fry with tamarind sauce.

20. Trung cut Lon Luoc Xao me

Quail eggs boil or stir fry with tamarind sauce.

21. Hen Xuc Banh Trang

Stir-fried baby claim with lemongrass.

22. Bap Xao Tep Kho

Corn fired with butter and dried baby shrimp.

23. Canh Ga Chien

Fried chicken wings with sticky sauce or fish sauce.

24. Chim Cut Roti

4 pieces. Rotisserie quail with lettuce, cucumber and tomato.

25. Banh Xeo

Vietnamese crepe shrimp, pork and bean sprout.

26. Banh Hoi Nem Nuong

Fine rice noodle sheet topped with grilled pork balls.

26. Banh Hoi Chao Tom

Fine rice noodle sheet topped with Grilled grounded shrimp.

26. Banh Hoi Thit Nuong

Fine rice noodle sheet topped with grilled pork.

27. Banh Mi

Xa xiu hoac thit nuong. Vietnamese sub with BBQ pork or grilled pork.

28. Banh Mi Bo Ne

Sizzling beef steal with bread, sunny side up egg.

36. Pho Tho da

Special pho in hot rock bowl. Slice rare beef, shank, oxtail, tendon, beef ball, egg and fresh noodle.

37. Pho Tai Lan

Special stir-fried beef.

38. Pho Tai Bam

Rare beef burger with ginger.

39. Pho Kho

Dried pho with bt sauce. slice rare beef, beef ball and shank.

40. Xa Xiu Hoac Gu Hoac Bo Vien

Served with BBQ pork or chicken or beef ball.

41. Tom Hoac Hai San

Shrimp or combination seafood.

42. Thap Cam

Combination meat and seafood.

43. Hu Tiu Hoac Mi Hoac Banh Mi Bo Kho

Vietnamese style beef stew.

44. Hu Tiu Hoac Mi Vit Tiem

Herbal duck soup.

45. Mi Quang da Lat

Thick rice noodle BBQ pork, shrimp, peanuts and rice cracker.

46. Hoanh Thanh Hoac Xiu Cao

W. wonton, BBQ pork and shrimp.

48. Banh Canh Tom Hoac Hai San

Served with shrimp or combination seafood.

47. Banh Canh Bo Hoac Ga Hoac

Served with beef or chicken or pork.

49. Banh Canh Thap Cam

Served with combination meat and seafood.

77. Bo Bia Chay

Chili vegetable rolls.

78. Goi Cuon Chay

Bean curd fresh spring rolls.

79. Banh Xeo Chay

Vietnamese crepe with bean curd and bean sprouts.

80. Bun Xao Chay

Bean curd vermicelli noodle salad and tofu.

81. Canh Chua Chay

Spicy tamarind sour soup with bean curd and mixed vegetables.

82. Ca Popano Chien

Deep fried pompano with garlic fish sauce

83. Ca Kho to

Sliced catfish simmered with caramel sauce in clay pot.

83. Goi Vit Chao Vit Hoac Bun Mang

Duck porridge and cabbage salad with 1/2 whole duck steam.

84. Bo Xao Ot Xanh

Sauted sliced beef with bell pepper and onion.

85. Canh Chua

Ca, ga and tom. Tamarind spicy and sour soup with vegetables fish, chicken, shrimp.

87. Bo La Lot

Char- grilled grounded beef wrapped in wild betel leaf.

88. Chao Tom

Char-grilled shrimp paste on sugar cane.

89. Nem Nuong

Char-grilled grounded pork balls.

90. Bo Nhung Giam

Sliced rare beef cooked in vinaigrette broth hot at the table and rolled w. rice paper, veggie and dipped in anchovies or garlic fish sauce.

91. Lau Thai

Thai style spicy hot pot serves with sliced beef and combination seafood.

Milk Tea

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