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Menu for Zoes Kitchen


Country & region

Metairie, Louisiana, USA


701 Metairie Rd

Postal Code


Chicken or Veggie Kabobs

sub shrimp, steak* or salmon* $1 each

Grilled Chicken Breasts

Chicken Orzo Pomodorina

Chicken or Spinach Roll-Ups

sub steak or spinach with chicken $1 each

Pita Chips

wheat or white (hand-made)


regular, baked or sun chips

Greek Chicken Pita

lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, feta

Mediterranean Tuna Pita

#1 albacore, capers, red onions, olives, lettuce, tomato (no mayo)

Lean Turkey Pita

sliced turkey breast, slaw, cheese on request (also available on 7-grain)

Live Med Salad

thin ribbons of zucchini and squash, fresh spinach, farro, lupini beans, cherry tomatoes, red onions, parmesan cheese, tossed with calabrian pepper dressing; with peanut allergies may be sensitive to lupini beans

Quinoa Salad

quinoa tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, broccoli, green onion, olives and lemon vinaigrette, topped with feta, served over a bed of greens

Greek Salad

tomato, cucumber, peppers, olives, onions, feta, pita bread, greens, over potato salad

The Tossed Greek

flat-grilled chicken, greens, pasta salad, caramelized onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, feta, olives, tossed with Zoes dressing, pita bread

Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate

chicken salad over greens, seasonal fruit, pita bread

Orzo "Tabouli" Salad

orzo "tabouli", baby spinach, mixed greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, feta, olives. lemon vinaigrette

Hummus & Salad Plate

with greek salad, cucumber raita, olives, pita bread

Fresh Squeezed Limeade

fresh limes, sweetened with cane sugar


soda, bottled water, juices, milk, tea (sweet, unsweet or hibiscus)

Reusable Travel Cup 32oz

Mediterranean Baked Feta

french feta topped with cherry tomatoes, olives, extra virgin olive oil, basil, calabrian peppers, pita chips

Hummus Trio

basil pesto, red pepper and classic hummus, pita bread, pita chips, cucumbers, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes

Basil Pesto Hummus

infused with basil pesto, served with cucumbers; pita bread available upon request

Red Pepper Hummus

infused with red pepper, served with cucumbers; pita bread available upon request

Classic Hummus

freshly made on premises, served with cucumbers; pita bread available upon request

Chicken & Orzo Soup

Tomato Bisque Soup

Mediterranean Lentil Soup

Rosemary Ham & Mozzarella Piadina

italian flatbread sandwich with grilled ham, fresh mozzarella, mixed greens, calabrian pepper aioli, lemon vinaigrette

Spinach & Mushroom Piadina

italian flatbread sandwich with grilled fresh spinach, mushrooms, feta parsley spread, parmesan, fresh mozzarella


grilled turkey, swiss, slaw, spicy mustard, rye

Turkey Stack

sliced turkey breast, mozzarella, feta spread, lettuce, tomato, sourdough, rosemary oil

Steak Stack

sliced steak, portobello, mozzarella, caramelized onions, feta spread, tomato, sourdough, rosemary oil

Pick Two

enjoy half of a Classic Sandwich (no pita sandwiches please) and Choice of Bowl of Soup, Fresh Side, Side Greek Salad, Dessert

Mediterranean Chicken

flat-grilled, caramelized onions, braised white beans, side greek salad, pita bread

Spinach Roll-Ups

tortillas, mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, feta, roasted tomatoes, scallions, fresh side, dipping salsa

Chicken Roll-Ups

tortillas, feta, tomato, caramelized onions, fresh side, dipping salsa

Steak Roll-Ups

tortillas, sliced tri-tip, swiss, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, fresh side, dipping sauce

Chicken Orzo Pomodorina

flat-grilled chicken, orzo pasta, italian tomato sauce, side greek salad

Chicken Kabobs

two kabobs, grilled peppers and onions, tomato, rice pilaf, side greek salad, pita bread

Steak Kabobs*

two kabobs, red bell pepper, onions, grilled potatoes, roasted vegetables

Shrimp Kabobs

two charbroiled kabobs, zucchini, rice pilaf, cucumber raita, side greek salad, pita bread

Veggie Kabobs

charbroiled portobello, zucchini, peppers, onions, tomato, braised white beans, side greek salad, pita bread

Salmon Kabobs*

two charbroiled kabobs, zucchini, hummus, cucumber raita, side greek salad, pita bread

Protein Power Plate

flat-grilled chicken, caramelized onions, over slaw

House-Baked Cookies

chocolate chip or zesty lemon

Yaya's Hand-Made Chocolate Cake

Braised White Beans

with fresh rosemary

Seasonal Fresh Fruit

delicious assorted fruits

Roasted Vegetables

mixed and lightly seasoned

Potato Salad

baby reds (no mayo)

Rice Pilaf

with fresh seasonings

Pasta Salad

fresh basil, feta (no mayo)

Marinated Slaw

feta, scallions, light vinaigrette (no mayo)

Side Greek Salad

Chicken Salad Sandwich

all white chicken, lettuce, tomato, 7-grain; Southern Classic

Pimento Cheese Sandwich

lettuce, tomato, rye (try it grilled); Southern Classic

Grilled Chicken Fingers

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Ham & Cheese Piadina

Pizza Piadina

Pasta Bowl

Salmon Kabob

Shrimp Kabob

Greek Salad




Roasted Veggies

Rice Pilaf

Pesto Farro



Classic Hummus

Basil Pesto Hummus

Red Pepper Hummus

Pimento Cheese

Fresh Fruit

Chicken Salad

all white meat

Potato Salad

baby reds (no mayo)

Pasta Salad

fresh basil (no mayo)

Marinated Slaw

feta, scallions, light vinaigrette (no mayo)

Mediterranean Tuna

capers, red onions, olives (no mayo)

Family Meals Option #1

Your choice of one entrÉe, your choice of 2 fresh sides plus greek salad, hummus and pita bread or cucumbers

Family Meals Option #2

Choose one entrÉe and 2 fresh sides

Choose region


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