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Menu for Sorrento's Pizza


Country & region

Collingswood, New Jersey, USA


602 Collings Ave

Postal Code



Cheese Burger

Turkey Burger

Turkey Cheese Burger

Double Cheese Burger

Pizza Burger

Bacon Cheese Burger

Cheese Burger Deluxe

Served with lettuce, tomato, onions and french fries.

Cowboy Cheese Burger

Topped with onion ring, BBQ sauce, provolone cheese and bacon.

Turkey Burger Deluxe

Served with lettuce, tomato, onions and french fries.

Cheese Burger Hoagie

With lettuce, tomato,onions (double burger) ona hoagie roll.

Veggie Wrap

Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, green peppers and lite ranch.

Tuna Wrap

Cheesesteak Wrap

Chicken Cheesesteak Wrap

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap

Turkey Reuben Wrap

Turkey topped with melted provolone, coleslaw and Russian dressing.

Chicken Fajita Wrap

Grilled chicken, peppers and onion.

Buffalo Grilled Chicken Wrap

Randazzo's Wrap

Grilled chicken, roasted peppers and provolone.

Italian Hoagie Wrap

Texas Wrap

Romaine lettuce, bacon and grilled chicken.

Chicken Fingers

Served with french fries.

Buffalo Chicken Fingers

Served with french fries.

Onion Rings

6 Mozzarella Sticks

Served with sauce.

Breaded Fried Mushrooms

Served with marinara.

Broccoli Bites

Served with marinara.


6 Fried Ravioli

Served with sauce.

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread with Cheese

6 Cheese Poppers

Chicken in a Basket

Served with french fries and cole slaw.

Macaroni and Cheese

Mussels Marinara

Fried Calamari

Served with sauce.

Randazzo's Sampler

2 chicken fingers, 2 mozzarella sticks, 3 onion rings, 3 broccoli bites, 2 fried mushrooms, 2 fried ravioli.

Si Quesadillas

Served with salsa and sour cream.

Chicken Souvlaki

Pita Pizza

3 Buffalo Cheesesteak Eggroll

Chicken with buffalo sauce and cheese.

Soda Cans

20 oz. Bottled Soda

Imported Soda

2 Liter Bottled Soda

Kid's Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

Kid's Macaroni and Cheese

Kid's 2 Chicken Fingers and French Fries

Kid's Grilled Cheese and French Fries

Kid's 4 Mozzarella Sticks and French Fries

Kid's Ravioli with Meatball

Kid's Spaghetti with Meatball

Italian Wedding Soup

3 Cheesesteak Eggroll



Cheesecake with Cherry

Carrot Cake

Chocolate Cake



Fried dough with sugar.

Funnel Cake Fries

Small Side Salad

House Tossed Salad

Lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, cucumbers, Romano cheese and croutons.

House Tossed Salad with Chicken

Lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, cucumbers, Romano cheese and croutons.

Antipasto Salad

Tossed salad with provolone cheese, salami, capicola and pepperoni.

Chef's Salad

Tossed salad plus ham, turkey, American cheese and eggs.

Tuna Salad

Tuna served over tossed salad.

Spinach Salad

Bacon, egg, Romano cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and red onions.

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, croutons and Romano cheese.

Caesar Salad with Chicken

Caesar Salad with Shrimp

Cheese Steak Salad

Steak and cheese served over our tossed salad.

Greek Salad

Feta cheese, eggs, anchovies, roasted peppers, cucumber and onions.

Mediterranean Salad

Tuna and shrimp served over tossed salad.

Pasta Salad

Served with broccoli, carrots, tomato, spinach, olives, onions, peppers and penne pasta.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Salad

Grilled chicken, ham, bleu cheese and provolone over toasted salad.

Mandarin Salad

Spinach, red onion, walnuts mandarin pieces, cucumbers and crispy noodles.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Severed over our tossed salad.

Mandarin Chicken Salad

Spinach, red onion, walnuts mandarin pieces, cucumbers and crispy noodles.

Taco Salad

White Pizza

The Works Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, black olives and green peppers.

Tomato Pie

No cheese. Pizza sauce, tomato chunks, garlic and basil.

Cheesesteak Panini

Grilled Chicken and Peppers Paninis

Served with roasted peppers and provolone cheese.

Chicken Cheesesteak Panini

The Cuban Panini

Served with roasted pork, ham, pickle, mustard mayo and provolone cheese.

2 Large Cheese Pizzas

1 Large Cheese Pizza

2 Cheese Burgers, 2 French Fries and 1- 2 Liter Bottle Soda

1 Large Cheese Pizza and 30 Fresh Buffalo Wings

3 Plain Cheesesteaks

1 Large Cheese Pizza and 12 Fresh Buffalo Wings

1 Large Cheese Pizza

50 Fresh Buffalo Wings

1 Large Cheese Pizza and 1-2 Liter Soda

2 Plain Slices and Can of Soda

Famous Randazzos White Pizza

American cheese, mozzarella cheese, Romano cheese, broccoli,bacon, fresh tomatoes and fresh garlic.

Taco Pizza

Steak, taco seasoning, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, shredded cheese and ranch.

King's Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and extra cheese.

Vegetable White Pizza

Garlic, mushrooms, green peppers, broccoli, spinach and tomatoes.

Meat Lovers Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon and meatballs.

Ocean City Pizza

Bacon, pineapple and tomatoes.

Randazzo's Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and meatball.

Taco Style Pizza

Ground beef salsa, mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Greek Style White Pizza

Feta cheese, spinach, tomatoes and black olives.

Cheesesteak and French Fries Pizza

Red sauce, steak and french fries topped with American cheese.

Eggplant, Roasted Peppers and Onions Pizza

White Cheesesteak Hoagie Pizza

Mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and American cheese.

Hawaiian Pizza

Pineapple and ham.

BBQ Chicken White Pizza

Chicken Fajita Pizza

Salsa, mozzarella, peppers, onions and cheddar.

Chicken Alfredo White Pizza

Cheese Lovers Red Pizza

Provolone, American cheese, mozzarella, Romano cheese and cheddar.

Chicken Parm Pizza

Tomatoes, Bacon Chicken Ranch White Pizza

Tomatoes and Basil White Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Grilled chicken, bleu cheese, Buffalo sauce and American cheese

Pizza Steak

Football White Pizza

Breaded chicken, ranch, Buffalo sauce, mozzarella and American cheese.

Baked Ziti Pizza

Shrimp and Broccoli Garlic White Pizza

Stuffed Pizza

Stuffed Pizza with Steak Peppers and Onions

Primavera White Pizza

Mushrooms, onions, broccoli, garlic, mozzarella, American cheese and Romano cheese.

Chicken Florentine White Pizza

Grilled chicken, spinach, provolone, Romano, mozzarella and ricotta cheese.

Caribbean White Pizza

Fried onions, pineapple, spicy BBQ sauce, mozzarella and provolone cheese.

Margherita Pizza

Ricotta, fresh mozzarella and chopped tomatoes.

Randazzos Stromboli

Bacon, broccoli, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, American cheese, Romano cheese and garlic.

Pop's Steak Stromboli

Chicken or steak, sauce, cheese and fried onions.

Buffalo Grilled Chicken

Plain Stromboli

Mozzarella cheese and sauce.

Chicken Fajita Stromboli

Peppers and onions.

Chicken Florentine

Fresh garlic, spinach, ricotta, mozzarella and provolone.

Pepperoni and Cheese Stromboli

Vegetarian Stromboli

Mozzarella, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes and green peppers.

Italian Stromboli

Mozzarella sauce, ham, salami, capicola, green peppers and onions.

Sicilian Stromboli

Mozzarella sauce, pepperoni, salami, capicola, green peppers and onions.

Plain Pizza

1. Any 6" Cheesesteak Lunch

With french fries and can of soda.

3. Any 6" Gourmet Sandwich Lunch

With potato chips and a can of soda.

4. Any Wrap Lunch

With french fries and a can of soda.

5. Any Pasta Lunch

With soup of the day and can of soda.

1. Any 6" Chicken Cheesesteak Lunch

With french fries and canned of soda.

1. Any 6" Hoagie Lunch

With french fries and canned of soda.

2. Small Tossed Salad Lunch

With soup of the day and canned of soda.

Gyro Sub

Chicken Gyro Sub

Hot Roast Pork Sub

Served with provolone.

Hot Roast Beef Sub

Served with provolone.

Sausage Peppers and Onions Sub

Homemade Sausage Parmigiana Sub

Homemade Meatball Parmigiana Sub

Fresh Veal Parmigiana Sub

Peppers and Egg Sub

Eggplant Parmigiana Sub

Veggie Hoagie

Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, black olives, onions, mushrooms, green peppers with lite ranch.

Veal Rosella Sub

Served with spinach, fresh garlic and provolone.

Italian Egg Sandwich

Egg omelette with spinach, roast peppers and provolone.

Fried Flounder Sub

Served with lettuce and tomato.

Crab Cake Sub

Provolone cheese, tarter sauce, lettuce and tomato.

Randazzo's Garlic Roast Pork Sub

Spinach, roasted peppers and provolone cheese.

Phat Sandwich

Served with chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Grilled Cheese Sub

Grilled Cheese with Meat

Tomato and your choice of meat.

Large Cheese Pizza Monday Special

Sicilian Pizza Tuesday Special

Chipotle Cheesesteak

Steak Sandwich

Chicken Steak Sandwich

Cheesesteak Sandwich

Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich

Cheesesteak Sub

Cajun Chicken Cheesesteak Sub

Steak Special Sandwich

Cajun Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich

Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich

American and bleu cheese topped with mild sauce.

Cheesesteak Pepperoni Sandwich

Pizza Steak Sandwich

Pizza Steak Special Sandwich

Fried onions, green peppers and mushrooms.

Randazzo's Cheesesteak Sandwich

Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, roasted peppers, fried onions and provolone cheese.

Pepper and Egg Steak Sandwich

BBQ Beef Cheesesteak Sandwich

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Whiz cheese and fried onions.

Bacon Cheesesteak Sandwich

Sicilian Cheesesteak Sandwich

Salami, capicola, pepperoni and provolone cheese.

Broccoli Slammer Sandwich

Chicken or steak, mozzarella, whiz and lite honey mustard.

Fresh Party Buffalo Wings

Breaded Buffalo Wing Dings

6 Pieces Fresh Buffalo Wings

Served with a handful of french fries.

6 Pieces Breaded Buffalo Wings

Served with a handful of french fries.

Chicken Francese

Buttered wine sauce with mushrooms and lemon.

Chicken Parmigiana

With spaghetti.

Chicken Marsala

Marsala wine sauce with mushrooms.

Chicken Piccata

In a wine, lemon butter sauce with capers.

Chicken with Shrimp

Broccoli and garlic in a wine sauce.

Chicken Cacciatore

With peppers, mushrooms and onions.

Chicken Romano

With broccoli in a light blush sauce.

Chicken with Broccoli and Garlic

Chicken Puttanesca

Spicy sauce, garlic, capers and black olives.

Chicken Amaretto

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Lettuce and tomatoes.

Chicken Rosella Sandwich

Crispy chicken, garlic, spinach and provolone.

Smothered Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Honey mustard, green peppers, mushrooms and provolone.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich

Served with ham, bleu cheese, grilled chicken and provolone.

Cajun Chicken Grinder

Cajun seasoning with grilled chicken, fried onions, mushrooms and provolone cheese..

Chicken Sandwich

On a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.

Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich

Lettuce, tomatoes and honey mustard.

Grilled Chicken Italiano Sandwich

Served with spinach, roasted peppers and provolone cheese.

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

American and blue cheese topped with mild sauce.

Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and American.

Chicken Jerry Sandwich

Crispy chicken, roasted peppers, bacon, ranch and provolone.

French Fries

Cheese Fries

Choice of cheese.

Pizza Fries

Curly Fries

Curly Cheese Fries

Served with cheddar cheese.

Loaded Fries

Bacon, mozzarella cheese and whiz.

Old Bay Fries

Combo Cheese Fries

Provolone, mozzarella and cheese whiz.

Buffalo French Fries

Buffalo sauce, bleu cheese and American cheese.

Carmella's Loaded Fries

Chicken or steak with salsa, cheddar, mozzarella and a side of sour cream.

Philly Fries

Cheese whiz and fried onions.

Chili Fries

Served with cheese whiz and sour cream.

Texas Fries

Jalapenos, fried onions and cheddar cheese.

Ham Club

Tuna Club

Turkey Club

Roast Beef Club

BLT Club

Cheese Steak Club

Chicken Cheese Steak Club

Randazzo's Club

Turkey, ham and American cheese.

Grilled Cheese Club

Served with mayo, lettuce, tomato and bacon.

6 Cheese Ravioli

Baked Ziti

4 Homemade Stuffed Shells

4 Manicotti and Cheese

Spaghetti with Meatball

Spaghetti with Sausage

Spaghetti Tomato Sauce

Spaghetti with Clam Sauce

Homemade Meat Lasagna

Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine with Broccoli

Fettuccine with Chicken and Broccoli

Pasta with Garlic and Olive Oil

Penne Pasta

Served with broccoli and garlic in pure olive oil.

Penne Pasta Vodka

Sauteed ham in a blush sauce.

Eggplant Parmigiana

Meat Sauce Pasta

Spring Pasta

Chicken, plum tomatoes, Romano cheese and broccoli with white wine sauce.

Shrimp Platter

French fries or spaghetti, cocktail sauce and coleslaw.

2 Fried Flounder

French fries or spaghetti and coleslaw.

2 Deviled Crab Cakes

French fries or spaghetti, tartar sauce and coleslaw.

Combo Seafood Platter

1 flounder, 1 deviled crab and 2 shrimp with french fries or spaghetti, cocktail sauce, tartar sauce and coleslaw.

Shrimp Puttanesca

With spicy sauce, garlic, capers and black olives.

Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp in a wine lemon garlic sauce.

Flounder Parmigiana

Homemade sauce topped with cheese on pasta.

Shrimp Parmigiana

Homemade sauce topped with cheese on pasta.

Mussels Marinara

7 Butterfly Shrimp

Served with french fries, cocktail sauce and coleslaw.

Shimp Francese

Buttered wine sauce with mushrooms and lemon.

Plain Slice

Gourmet Slice

Ham and American Cheese Sub

Salami and American Cheese Sub

Regular Hoagie

Ham, salami and American cheese.

Pepperoni and Provolone Cheese Sub

Italian Hoagie

Turkey and American Cheese Sub

Special Hoagie

American cheese, turkey, ham, salami and capicola.

Tuna and American Cheese Sub

Cheese Sub

Mixed American and provolone.

Capicola and Provolone Cheese Sub

Chicken Salad Sub

Roast Beef Hoagie

Italian Grinder

Tuna Melt

Lettuce, tomato and melted provolone cheese.

BLT Hoagie

Turkey or roasted beef, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.


Ricotta and mozzarella.

Randazzos Calzone

Ricotta, mozzarella, Romano cheese, ham andGenoa salami. Served with side pizza sauce.

Randazzos Supreme Turnover

Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, extra cheese and pizza sauce.

Classic Turnover

Ham, pepperoni, peppers, onions, mozzarellacheese and pizza sauce.

Pizza Turnovers

Mozzarella cheese and sauce.

The Original Tarantini Panzarotti

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