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Menu for The Dining Car & Market


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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


8826 Frankford Ave

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French Fries With Cheesy Melt

French Fries

Sweet Potato Fries In A Basket

Potato Salad

Cottage Cheese.

Tossed Dinner Salad

Apple Sauce


Cole Slaw

Mashed Potato


Potoato Pancakes

Pickled Beets

Fried Mozzarella Sticks

with italian sauce for dipping

French Fried Onion Rings

Fried Whole Mushrooms

with horseradish mayo dipping sauce

Deep Fried Chicken Fingers

with honey mustard sauce

Buffalo Wings

with celery & bleu cheese dressing

French Bread Pizza

made with our own french bread

Grilled Pepperoni Cheese Bread

with italian sauce for dipping

French Onion Soup

served piping hot with croutons and melted cheese

Our Own Made Soup Du Jour

Roast Vermont Turkey

with celery stuffing, giblet gravy, and cranberry sauce

Sirloin Strip Steak

boneless cut of quality beef, cooked to order and served with french fried onion rings and french fried mushrooms

Chicken Parmesan

boneless breast of chicken fried in our special egg dip, and topped with melted provolone cheese and italian sauce

Virginia Baked Ham

sugar cured ham topped with pineapple sauce(96% fat free)

Chicken Philly

boneless breast of chicken fried in our special egg dip, topped with a white cheese sauce and bacon strips

Baby Beef Liver

with sauteed onion and gravy on request

Chopped Sirloin Steak

fresh ground beef, cooked to order with gravy and onions on request

Pork Cutlet

breaded pork, fried golden brown & topped with italian sauce

Pork Cutlet Parmesan

tender pork, fried golden brown and topped with melted cheese and italian sauce.

Chopped Steak Parmesan

our own fresh ground meat, cooked to order and topped with melted provolone cheese and italian sauce

Chef Larry's Famous Chicken Croquettes

as seen on the food network's hit show diners, drive-ins & dives, these delicious croquettes of chicken are made from scratch and covered with chicken gravy

"justly Famous" Apple Walnut Pie

"best Of Philly" Jewish Apple Cake


chocolate mousse, chocolate layer cheesecake, vanilla strawberry butter cream, double chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate raspberry dream, strawberry short cake, carrot cake, german chocolate, jewish apple cake, blackforest, creamy cheesecakes, vanilla lemon raspberry, orange crunch, butter cake


apple walnut, french apple, coconut custard, lemon meringue, cherry, chocolate cream, blueberry, mince, pumpkin, apple, peach


custard filled chocolate eclairs, cheese bear claws, assorted muffins, danish, cinnamon buns, chocolate brownies, cupcakes, jumbo cream puffs, wine cakes, homentashen, horns, canoes, jelly sticks, pineapple upside down cake, orange glazed angel food muffin

Sugar Free Items

jewish apple cake, french pastry, apple, cherry, or blueberry pie, cherry, blueberry, or pineapple cheesecake

From The Fountain

banana split, super sundaes, thick & delicious milkshakes, large belgian waffles topped with ice cream, fruit preserves or fresh fruit

Deviled Crab

made with pure fresh crabmeat, fried golden brown & served with tartar sauce

Broiled Scallops

plump broiled scallops over tasty linguine & served with melted butter (hold the butter to get a heart)

Fried Shrimp

large plump shrimp fried to a golden brown & served with cocktail sauc

Broiled Flounder

fresh fillet of flounder broiled in lemon and creamy butter sauce (hold the butter to get a heart).

Broiled Seafood Combination

fresh shrimp, plump scallops, fresh fillet of flounder and crab imperial, served with drawn butter.

Fruit Salad Bowl

a dip of cottage cheese or sherbet, surrounded by seasonal fresh fruit & jello. served with banana nut bread (hold bread to get a heart) seasonal pricing

Cottage Cheese Stuffed Tomato

on a bed of lettuce garnished with fresh fruit & served with banana nut bread (hold bread to get a heart).

Dinner Salad

a dip of tuna, chicken or egg salad, served on top of a tossed salad with dressing and crackers on the side.

Julienne Salad

strips of ham, cheese and turkey on tossed lettuce with tomatoes, onions and egg quarters. choice of dressing

Stuffed Tomato

stuffed with chicken or tuna salad on a bed of lettuce w/ hard boiled egg, cole slaw & raw onion

Chicken Caesar Salad

grilled chicken breast on a bed of romaine, tossed with our signature caesar dressing and croutons. topped with anchovies upon request and served with garlic bread

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